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Animation Functions & Commands: Agent Animator Made by Fred Kinsei // // This script allows you to request permissions from another agent and then play animations on them. Can be used for fun, modeling, or any remote animation function. // // The script holds a persons permissions until it is reset, or either the owner or the person you took permission from logs off. // // All commands should be lowercase. All commands are available on channel's 0 and 3. It will only play animations from SL's default anims OR any animations within the inventory the script is in. You can place animations in before or after you have gotten someone's permissions. You can only have animation permissions from one person at a time. // // Commands: request name OR request self -- This gets someone's permissions, they need to be within 96 meters of you. You only need first names, or parts of first names. -- This will release any previous permissions. -- It will tell you if they accept/reject your request. // // play animname -- This will play the name of the animation you mentioned, this is CASE SENSITIVE. -- They must be in the same sim as you to play animations. // // stop -- This will stop the last played animation // // stop all -- This stops ALL animations they are playing, even one's you didn't start. // // release -- This will release your current permissions.
Avatar Key Key_DB
Clock made this to be a floor clock, so the script is set up to rotate on the z axis, change this for an upright clock. // // Place these scripts in a root prim, which is at the center of the clock face. // // // Hour Hand:
Clock Minute Hand:
Collider Collision_Detect
Group Land Group_Land_Finder
Land Info Returns land name, square meterage, prim usage out of total prims, and any land restrictions.
Online Indicator Multiperson_online_indicator
Replication Be careful with this script, if left running by itself, it can get you banned.
Scanner Avatar scanner
Sensor Put this script into a cube, and change the size of the cube to the area you want to be sensed, then say 'reset' // // It has the coodinates of the cubes area, you can then change the size or location of the cube, and it will only sensor the area where you set it.
Vote Dialog_Vote
Walk This script requires a flat prim to act as the platform. // // Looking back at this script, I realize it's pretty ugly. // // Feel free to fix some stuff. -- Fred