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Download links for some free tools:

Lots of - 1.1 MB

The CMU animation library converted to Second Life - 46 MB

Gif 2 SL v0.6 Gif to Secondlife Animation - 0.5 MB Zip

LSL Editor for Second Life at SourceForge

Lucy the fairy project - 7 MB

Qavimator for making animations - 6 MB zip

Rokuro 2.00 lathe sculpt maker - 1 MB zip

SculptyPaint 9.3 1.7 MB zip

Sculptyspace v02a 1 MB zip

Sim on a Stick Opensim Diva distro

ShoutCast DNAS and Winamp for broadcasting your own stream to SL

SL Avatars set up for Photoshop 0.6 MB zip

SL Prim Emboss - 21 KB

SL Skin previewer and skins, also for Mac PowerPC - 5 MB zip

Prim Lathe 1.0.3 - 0.1 MB zip

Sound Leech to capture sounds (Win XP and Vista only) - 0.5 MB zip

Standard 5 sizes.zipstandard size avatars for clothing and avatar designers in Blender, Max and OBJ formats - 17 MB zip

Texturemapper - 0.6 Mb zip

Tokroton 1.07a sculpt maker - 1 MB zip

Windlight Settings - 8 MB zip

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